vineri, 17 aprilie 2015


Hei babies!

I don't know what's wrong with me, if it's something to be wrong by choosing black and white outfits more and more, everyday. As a matter of fact, or I choose all black outfits, or dark colors or I'm a cotton candy, my state of mind is very changeable, so are my outfits, I told you a few months ago that doesn't matter what you wear, it matters how you wear it. It's all about attitude, and you know that. I could talk about this theme for hours, but it would be boring for you, readers.
 As my style is on a balance every single day today I choosed a black'n'white casual outfit. Relaxed fit white jeans (Zara), white tee with a funny design (Kenvelo), a black asymmetric cardigan (Berhka) and my Nikes. The result is:

It will be cool to know your opinion about the outfit, the background &your suggestions about everything, in fact.
Until next time, xoxo L. 

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