sâmbătă, 18 aprilie 2015


Hei babies!
I'm writing you again, and this time is really really late, the problem is that I have an insomnia that keeps me awake (scratching my neck).
Have you ever have that moment in life when you couldn't sleep and you just wondered what's the next step? That moment of silence, when all your thoughts -especially the bad ones- are growing up, as a metaphore, I'm saying that this thing happened to you at least once, reader, and right now, right in this moment a thousand of thoughts are drowning your mind.. and you're lost. 
You start to see the world in other perspectives, and your thinking seriously that you need an escape, a breathe of fresh air, a revolution of your soul maybe. 

Do it, it's never too late.
Until next time, xoxo Sleepy L.

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