vineri, 17 aprilie 2015

4 Steps to Rebound

Hei babies!

It's friday, again. Yaay. For me was a rest week because of  Easter, and things like that, you know; but for the others, maybe for you, reader, was a tough week.
 So friday brings a new weekend, let it be a weekend of recreation. When it comes to this the first thing we're thinking about is: SPA. Well, not everyone affords a day at SPA, but we can feel spoiled at home, doing whatever we want to, whatever relaxes us. 

And here comes the easy 4 Steps to Rebound:

Step #1
Start your day with a smile, and with a good, big and flavoured cup of coffee. Either you're a coffee lover or not you should always start your day with a 'fuel', even if it's tea. Allow yourself every morning 15 minutes to enjoy your coffee(or even more if it's weekend), with a magazine next to you, or the face of the one you love the most, all of this with the great view of your balcony or even terrace.

Step #2
Always, but always allow yourself, I don't know, 30 minutes a day -at least- to listen to your favourite music. I'm sure that it works for you as much as it works for me, even if you're cleaning the house, or you're dressing up for that party you have to be fabulous at, or you're laying in bed thinking at your biggest dreams. Music is life, remember that!

A small part of my playlist, search on youtube &enjoy

Step #3
Surprise yourself with some little presents(or let your boyfriend /friends do that, but if he/they doesn't do this, somebody has to). Even if we're talking about a bunch of flowers, or a bracelet, or that pair of earrings you want from such a long time, anything, but anything that will make you feel special.

Special gift from a special friend(s)♥

Step #4 
Make your own SPA. Offer yourself a royal treatment, by taking a long bubbly bath, a little massage with your favourite body lotion/scrub, a face-mask and whatever else will make you feel spoiled.

After all this steps done, I'm sure that you will be happier, more relaxed & you will feel brand new for the next week. 

Always treat yourself like a queen!
Read you next time, 
xoxo L.

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