vineri, 25 iulie 2014

Lesson #2 | HAPPINESS

       Yes it is, and I'm still here, writting for you dears, listening to majestic c. and searching inspirational photos on #weheartit, I'm a bit upset, my baby is gone tomorrow and I'm gonna miss him a lot, hope that my busy agenda is gonna distract me..
       Today is also another day and I promissed you that everyday I'm gonna post a special quote, so this is the quote of the day:

(I have a t-shirt with this message, I guess I'm going to wear it tomorrow with #theultimateshorts, stay tunned for what I'm going to prepare for you)

What would make me happy right now:


-My family together (da tata
stiu ca ma citesti si ca o sa te cuprinda emotiile)

 -A bar of dark chocholate

-More shopping 

-An H&M bag 

-A gorgeous pair of stiletto 

-Pool (right now) 

-This place (with him):

And I'm happy because I live, because I can see, walk and do everything I want to, bacause I have a great family (babe, you are my family too, and you know that, don't even try to deny), and because I am who I am!

   -Love and kisses from Bacau, L.


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