luni, 20 aprilie 2015


Hei babies!
It's a new monday, again.. and the last week passed as fast as you say fish(it's a ro expression).
What I'm trying to say is that is monday again, a whole new week which brings lots of coffee and dark circles under our eyes has started(laughing), so we can hope only that our batteries are full charged for this week which for me brings lots of exams. Yeey(sarcastic).
I don't know if you feel me, but in this kind of days(mondays/rainy days/ shit days etc.) I'm trying to be as anonymous as I can. 
So oversized clothes are the best option: sweaters, boyfriend jeans & sneakers, and of course my favourite biker jacket. All of this and a bit of mascara and ponnytale styling and I make it! 



H&M sweater | H&M jacket | H&M top | Zara jeans | Stradivarius sneakers | RB clutch 

Xoxo, L. 

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